Future for EHOVE Public Safety Academy students


Who has a better future?

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Hey! In this clip, you will see Criminal Justice Blogger Kaitlin and Forensic Science Blogger Dylan. Since EHOVE is a career tech school, students are constantly thinking about their future and planning. But who exactly has prepared the most and has the best plan? Watch two Public Safety Academy students duke it out.

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ANSWER:  All the students at EHOVE!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtxueOty0hY&list=UUvaoKp-WGfrnzj3mmsSoVFA&index=4&feature=plcpYouTube Preview Image
EHOVE Career Center is a high school and adult education facility that offers a wide variety of career training opportunities in relevant, in-demand fields.
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  1. Dylan Shea says:

    I definitley look a little… “silly” in this video, and I do not like it, haha (:
    But seriously, PSA is the best building on campus!!

  2. Mrs. Bodkin says:

    Our students at EHOVE are AWESOME!!!!! Dylan and Kaitlyn your video was great. I hope students interested in getting a jump start on their future follow in your footsteps.

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