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Family Career and Community Leaders of America at EHOVE


Family Career and Community Leaders of America is a organization for  students is Early Childhood education and Culinary Arts at EHOVE. Every student in these two programs compete at locals and the top two in each go on to Regionals and the top two at regionals go on to compete at state. Since we compete in STAR events they stop at state level. On April 20 four other students and i traveled to Columbus to compete at state level. On April 21 we competed in front of the judges. The results were given on April 22nd at the Ohio state fair grounds. During the award ceremony we got to listen to inspirational speaker about Leadership.  We also got to watch skits performed by our state officers. After that we received medals gold is 90-100, silver is 80-90 and below that is bronze.  And before we knew our placings all five of EHOVE’s students who competed were asked to attend a scholarship dinner. Then we went back to the awards and they announced the results.

The results were:

Hannah Rumbuttis got a gold medal and placed third in Garda Manger and was given a 500 dollar scholarship to Hocking college and 2000 dollar scholarship to Sullivan University.

Olivia Troxal received a gold medal and placed third  in concept curriculum and a scholarship for 2000 to Sullivan University.

Ashley Kromer received a gold medal in Teacher Resource Kit.

Morgan Krebs received a gold medal and second in Language and Literacy and got a 4000 dollar scholarship to Sullivan University.

I got a gold medal in Concept Curriculum.

And this year was the first year that EHOVE competed in a team event. Ashley Kromer, Morgan Krebs and i placed first and all received gold medals and 6000 dollar scholarships to Sullivan University.

The EHOVE chapter of FCCLA had a wonderful year competing and showed how much we learned in our labs.

EHOVE Career Center is a high school and adult education facility that offers a wide variety of career training opportunities in relevant, in-demand fields.
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