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Goodbye EHOVE!! This is it for me!!

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Thanks to EHOVE and the Health Tech Program, I have figured out that I want to go into Business Administration, in a Hospital. I am going to be studying at The Ohio State University in the fall, and I am SUPER excited to add on to my college experience, since I was lucky enough to gain college credit while at EHOVE.

Because of this credit I will be going into college and considered to be at “sophomore” standing. I’m excited to start college and all the experiences that come with it, but I am scared to go out into the real world!

It’s going to be a change but I am ready for it! EHOVE has helped me make my decisions based on everything I have learned and the experiences I have had because of them. I have taken the Health Tech Program and learned about all the different jobs in the medical field and I feel that the Business side is the way I should go. After taking this class, I have discovered that I do not want to do the hands on work with the patient but be in the background.

Also, because of EHOVE I have gained so many friends and skills that I will take with me the rest of my life. I am extremely thankful and excited to start the next chapter of my life.

So, that’s all folks! Good luck to everyone, and thank you! :)

EHOVE Career Center is a high school and adult education facility that offers a wide variety of career training opportunities in relevant, in-demand fields.
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