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EHOVE – In lab experiences and lessons (kinda)

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Hello once again friends of this interesting world, and welcome to EHOVE Connection. This week/month, whatever, our assignment as bloggers is to discuss what it’s like in our labs, and what we learn about. Unfortunately, being the unprepared person I am, I forgot my camera at home when I planned to record, so as you will or have seen, I’m not in my lab. Later in the week (hopefully) I will be posting another short video, or maybe some pictures, filmed/taken in lab showing some of the things we do during the independant study portion of our day.

Now to actually talk about what we do during a normal day. Usually, we are in the actual class portion of the room for the first block in our day. After that, we go into the actual lab where we have our computers set up. What we are currently learning is the hardware portion of a computer, everything that makes a computer operate correctly, or so we hope. This is personally my favorite part about the class, the hands-on working on the computers. Taking apart the internal components, recognizing them, and reinstalling them. Some of the parts we work with can have a huge range in price and size. One important thing we learned about was that the size of a particular piece of hardware can affect the size of the case and other components that can be installed inside the tower.

Well, that’s about all we have been working on, and before I start geeking out, I’ll sum up this blog by simply saying that coming to EHOVE was the best decision I have ever made, in the fact that I get to learn a trade I love, and learn it hands-on. It is, in my opinion, the best school for work-based learning, and the best place to learn job skills. Till next time, goodbye.

EHOVE Career Center is a high school and adult education facility that offers a wide variety of career training opportunities in relevant, in-demand fields.
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