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The ones who helped me get where I am today at EHOVE.

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Some teachers here at EHOVE Career Center,the best Career Tech School in Ohio, have taken a big part in my life. They taught me the skills I have that helped me get where I am today. Thanks to the Cosmetology Instructors, Mrs. Warner and Mrs. Keefer, I will be leaving EHOVE as a licensed Cosmetologist. I couldn’t thank them enough. All the teachers here will dedicate almost every minute of their time to make sure you understand whats being taught. Never be afraid to ask!

Special thanks to the teachers that helped me: Mrs. Warner, Mrs. Keefer, Mr. Lawson, Mrs. Lynch, Mr. Fortune, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Ruffing, and Mrs. Sullivan. You’re the best!(:

EHOVE Career Center is a high school and adult education facility that offers a wide variety of career training opportunities in relevant, in-demand fields.
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