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Tag Team Hands-on Learning in Visual Communications II

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This is EHOVE Visual Communication Design Class. In this class, you will make friends, build business connections and you will become more confident in your abilities to design. The video talks about job tools that you’ll use in our career field. We have a great mentor, Mrs. Stoll, and an amazing student portfolio to take in the career field with you.    

     I shared this blog with Kyle (another blogger from VCD). You may have noticed that we were dressed oddly. It was Halloween when we made the video, and we had a campus wide costume contest, (in which Kyle took 3rd place!). We talk about a lot of job skills that apply to the visual communications world.

     In the video we talked about several items and programs that we use. While editing images, we use Adobe Photoshop CS5. Kyle shows an image that he created on Photoshop and talks about it a little bit. There are many other things you can to to photoshop your images.

     When we complete a project and we want to print it larger than a regular sheet of paper (8.5 by 11) we have to use our large-scale printer, called a plotter. The plotter can print images width a width of 3 feet, and as long as you would like. It is a device that many companyies in the visual communications field use.

     As we walked farther back into the room, we come across the dry adhesive machine. It is used to add adhesive to a paper like material up to a quarter-inch thick. The material we usually put through it is called foam board. Once we put adhesive on a material, we’ll attach it to an image we printed off the plotter.

     Our final piece of equipment was the heat press. We gave a very vague explanation on what it can be used for. In our lab, we normally use it for t-shirt transfers. It can also be used for ceramic coffee mugs, hats, and several other materials. To make heat transfers for the coffee mugs or other non-flat surfaces, we have attachments for the heat press.

     Finally, we did a small portion on SkillsUSA, and EHOVE’s display at the festival of lights. More information on SkillsUSA will be coming up shortly.

EHOVE Career Center is a high school and adult education facility that offers a wide variety of career training opportunities in relevant, in-demand fields.
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